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AEW Dynamite Preview

The anticipation has been building for months, increasing with each event from “Double or Nothing” thru “All Out”, and now it is almost here! Wednesday night October 2nd , for the first time in 18 years, professional wrestling returns to TNT with “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite”!

We go live at 8pm EST / 7pm CST and it all kicks off with the current top contender for Chris Jericho's AEW World Title in action...

Cody vs. Sammy Guevara

Following his victory over AEW's Resident Chairman Shawn Spears at “All Out”, it was announced that Cody would step into the ring with AEW World Champion Chris Jericho at the November 9th PPV event “Full Gear” to challenge for that title. Between the war with his brother Dustin at “Double or Nothing”, the tag team battle against The Young Bucks, the draw with Darby Allin, and that victory over Spears, Cody has proven himself deserving of that title opportunity. But with that being said, with that title chance looming, and based on the most recent episode of “Road To...” (Watch Here) Cody's focus is clearly all Jericho, and it appears this EVP is overlooking Sammy Guevara.

As for Sammy, the man who fans all saw watching the Cody/Spears match on the “All Out” monitors, he knows that this is the single most important match of his career. Not only is it the FIRST match fans will see when they tune into “Dynamite”, but it is against one of the men who is at the heart of AEW. Say what you will about his attitude, about how he carries himself in the ring, Guevara (as chronicled in Episode 2 of “Road To AEW on TNT”( Watch Here) has the heart, drive, and will to step up to that next level. His eyes are intently focused on one man, and one man only, as Sammy know what a victory over Cody could mean. It certainly throws a monkey wrench into that “Full Gear” championship bout, it certainly propels Sammy to the top of the food chain, and it certainly cements him as a player in any title discussion going forward, maybe even that AEW World Title defense set for October 16th in Philly....

MJF vs. Brandon Cutler

The mouth of AEW versus the soul of AEW; it is safe to say both men represent those aspects of All Elite Wrestling. On one side is MJF: the man who virtually everyone but Cody despises and who, in turn, despises almost everyone but Cody. On the other is Brandon Cutler who, through his demonstration of heart and work ethic and determination, more than earned his contracts with AEW. MJF would claim Cutler exists as a pity hire for Matt & Nick Jackson, while Brandon could lay the same distinction down about MJF and his relationship with Cody. Suffice to say, the slander from MJF directed at Cutler has been relentless since day one, poking and prodding at his family life, at Brandon being just another guy, even at D&D. Now Cutler has his chance, in his first AEW singles bout, to shut that mouth of MJF's for three glorious seconds (because you know that is about as long as it could possibly stay shut without wires).

PAC vs. Hangman Page

It has been looming since the press conference before “Double or Nothing”, a collision between PAC and Adam Page, but it evaporated before our very eyes save for a confrontation in the UK. That interaction resulted in an injury to Page that nearly kept him from competing at “DoN”, the site of the Casino Battle Royale victory that propelled Adam into the AEW World Title match at “All Out”. And although that eventual title bout would not end in Page's favor, courtesy of a flash knockout from The Judas Effect of Chris Jericho, it showed the world what Page himself already knew: that he can go with the absolute best in the world. Following the match, during the post-show presser, PAC confronted Page about their unfinished business and his desire for revenge. That opportunity is now at hand, and finally we will get to see their meeting. PAC is riding high after conquering Kenny Omega at “AO”, while Page is fighting from underneath after his loss to Jericho. What will happen October 2nd between these warriors?

AEW Women's Title Match: Riho vs. Nyla Rose

From one Casino Battle Royale winner to another; Nyla Rose earned the right to compete in this bout to crown the FIRST AEW Women's Champion after conquering the Women's Casino Battle Royale at “All Out”. Later that same night, Riho earned her opportunity after defeating Hikaru Shida in a tremendous battle between two premiere Joshi competitors. Now, in the nation's capitol, these two women will fight to make history and become the first AEW Women's Champion. It is a clear battle of size versus speed, of strength versus technique, and between two people of vastly different paths to this place. The experience edge falls to Riho who has been doing this since she was 9 years old, the power advantage obviously falls on the side of Nyla, but it must also be acknowledged that at “Fyter Fest”, Riho scored the victory in a Three Way Match, that also featured Yuka Sazaki, by pinning Rose herself. Will that desire to even the score prove the deciding factor in tipping the scales to Nyla Rose's favor?

Jon Moxley Will Appear

Silent since announcing he had to pull out of “All Out” and the scheduled bout with Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley will appear on this premiere episode of “Dynamite”, just one week before he is set to return to action against Shawn Spears in Boston. What will he do? What will he say? It's likely Moxley himself does not even know...

The Elite (The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega) vs. Chris Jericho & 2 Mystery Partners

And in your main event of the evening, The Elite reunite to battle Chris Jericho and two partners who, as of this writing, remain a mystery. There is heavy speculation on just who will be the one sharing a corner with the World Champion. Will it be Private Party ahead of their AEW World Tag Team Tournament clash with The Young Bucks? Could it be Santana and Ortiz after their actions at “All Out” following the Escalera de la Muerte match? What about Pentagon and Fenix since they have demonstrated their ability to beat The Elite in the past? Maybe even Jack Evans and Angelico after finding themselves on the outs of the Tag Title Tournament thanks to fan voting.

It could also very well be two men from the outside, brought into AEW by Chris Jericho for this contest. With a career spanning as long as his, with all the varied roads he has traveled, one would think there is a wealth of talent the World Champion could find to stand by his side, and what better way to make that first impact than by knocking down The Elite on the TNT debut of AEW.

Then there is the Omega factor; as fans have seen on the “Road to AEW on TNT” episodes, Kenny Omega has not exactly been...all there. He has been erratic to say the least, and downright cruel at times when running off at the mouth. How will this play a factor in the single most important night of All Elite Wrestling's history? The first press conference was big, the first PPV event was huge, but this is the first TV, the first wrestling on TNT since 2001, and The Young Bucks are heading into it with a partner who does not seem to have it all together. For their sake, hopefully the three members of The Elite can find that common ground by the time the bell rings to herald the first main event of “AEW: Dynamite”.

It all begins this Wednesday night, 8pm EST, with the launch of “AEW: Dynamite” on TNT! Check your local listings for the channel to watch it unfold LIVE on your television screen, set your DVR if you can't, either way, make sure you join us as we ignite a revolution that can change the universe!


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